Ruddy Turnstone Facts

  • Name:
    Ruddy Turnstone
  • Scientific Name:
    Arenaria interpres
  • Family:
  • Length:
    21 - 26 cm (8.3 - 10.2 in)
Ruddy Turnstone in Galapagos

A common migrant, present throughout the year although most numerous from September to March; confined to the coast.


A smallish, rather stocky wader with relatively short, orange legs and short, slighty upturned bill. In flight shows distinctive variegated wing-pattern. ADULT BREEDlNG: Back and wings rufous; distinctive black and white facial pattern and black breast-band contrasting with unmarked white under parts; throat white. ADULT NON-BREEDlNG AND JUVENILE: Similar to, but duller than, breeding adult, with less rufous on upper parts and less distinct head-pattern.


A staccato rattle "tuk, tuk-e-tuk-tuk".


Usually occurs in small flocks and is commonly seen in a Galapagos cruise.

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