Paint-billed Crake Facts

  • Scientific Name:
    Neocrex erythrops
  • Length:
    18 - 20 cm (7 - 7.8 in)
Paint-billed Crake

The Paint-billed Crake is a scarce resident of Galapagos, found principally in agricultural areas, favoring dense, wetland vegetation. However, it is also found in damp woodlands and in dry pastures and thickets. Breeds from November to February.


A small, rather dark mil. ADULT: Upper parts olive-brown; under parts slate-gray with narrow white vertical bars on flanks. The bill is pale green with bright red base and black tip; legs and feet are red. JUVENILE: Similar to adult but plumage generally duller and paler with dark bill lacking the red base.


Song is a long, descending and gradually accelerating series of staccato notes followed by a few short churrs. Call is a fro-like "qurrk", either given singly or in a series.


ainly crepuscular and very secretive. Rarely flies unless flushed.

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