Galapagos Rail Facts

  • Scientific Name:
    Laterallus spilonotus
  • Length:
    15 - 16 cm (5.9 - 6 in)
  • Conversation Status:
    Near Threatened
Galapagos Rail

The Galapagos Rail is an uncommon resident of Galapagos. It breeds from September to April. Population is declining and its range becoming increasingly restricted. Now it is virtually confined to the highlands where it inhabits dense grassy vegetation, thickets and forests.


A tiny, dark, short-winged rail. ADULT: Upper parts dark chocolate-brown, finely spotted with white; under parts dark slate-gray to grayish-brown; eyes scarlet; legs and feet brown. JUVENILE: Similar to adult but plumage generally duller and slightly paler and lacks white spots on the upper parts; eye dark.


Gives a range of calls but typically a rapid "chi-chi-chi-chirroo"


Rather furtive, although can be very tame and sometimes inquisitive. Flight very weak and runs rather than flies when disturbed.

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