• Scientific Name:
    Balaenoptera edeni
  • Adult Length:
    11-15 m (36 - 49 ft)
  • Blow:
    Tall, thin and vertical
  • Breaching:
    Usually leaves water at a steep angle
  • Deep dive:
    Unlike Sei Whale, often arches tail stock before dive; does not raise tail flukes
  • Group size:
    1-2, sometimes more when feeding
Bryde Whale

Frequent inshore and offshore.


Easily confused with the Sei Whale due to its similar size, shape, and sickle-shaped dorsal fin. However, it possesses three lateral raised ridges on top of its head, a feature which distinguishes it from all other rorquals which only have a single ridge. The surfacing sequence is also unique, with the blowhole disappearing from view just before the fin appears. This feature alone should not be used for identification.

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