Why The Galapagos Islands is on my bucket list.

Now is the time and aging is in a race with my bucket list. I spent my youthful vacations on sun drenched beaches with the express purpose of getting a tan. A big turtle could have sauntered over to me and asked in Spanish if I was interested in marine life and I would have replied, “Yeah yeah but I’m getting a tan now so go away”. Fast forward 50 years (OMG could this be possible?) and I am hopefully wiser but unfortunately slower. My bucket list is longer than the numbers in my bank account so I will have to pick and choose and I selected a Galapagos cruise as the number one option. Like all the rest of the bloggers I’m sure our reasons are similar i.e., environment, extinction, beautiful beaches, the feelings of awe and questions of how and why , etc., etc., but I feel an urgency because I’m afraid if I wait much longer, physically getting on and off an island will exclude me from seeing it. No boo hoos just reality, so my fiancé and I have been keeping our eyes on package deals and cruises which is how we got to this blog contest. And the attached photo is a direct result of the research we have done. I figure until I can see it in person I will create something that reminds me daily of where I have been and where I hope to go.

Green Sea Turtle art


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