White Tufted Grebe Facts

  • Name:
    Pimpollo , Macá comun / White tufted grebe
  • Scientific Name:
    Rollandia Rolland
  • Family:
  • Size:
    24 - 30 cm ( 10 - 13 in)
White tufted grebe


From Tarapaca Region to Magallanes.


annual residence, in fall they go to larger lakes that do not freeze


shallow ponds with aquatic vegetation and marshes

Food Habits:

Insectivore, Carnivore (large arthropods and fish )


they make floating nests in the middle of rushes and lay 3 to 8 eggs


there is not sexual dimorphism, they have seen in pairs or groups and are great divers.

© Alvaro Jaime
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