Striped Woodpecker Facts   

  • Name:
    Carpinterito, Carpintero bataraz grande / Striped Woodpecker
  • Scientific Name:
    Picoides lignarius
  • Family:
  • Size:
    15- 20 cm (6,5 -8,7 in)
Striped Woodpecker


From Coquimbo to Magallanes


annual resident


Dispersed trees, parks and open forest

Food Habits:

Insectivore (they search for their food by making small holes in trees with their beak)


they nest in cavities of trees that they excavate, they lay 3 to 5 eggs.


they have sexual dimorphism, the male has a red patch on the nape of the neck, and this is black in the female.

© Alvaro Jaime
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