Patagonian Armadillo Facts

Name: Peludo, quirquinchi Grande o Armadillo de la Patagonia/ Patagonian Haired Armadillo
Scientific Name: Chaetophractus villosus
Family: Dasypodidae
Order: Cingulata
Size: Measures between 60 and 70cm. including its tail. (26 to 30in.)
Weight: An adult can weigh up to 7kg (15lb.)

This animal could be considered a hairy armadillo whose main feature is its great coordination and its ability to dig into the soil and create tunnels and burrows.

They mate in September and the gestation period is between 60 to 75 days, sometimes they have more than one period of pregnancy per year and they have 2 cubs. The weaning of cubs is between 50 to 60 days after birth, and the sexual maturity comes at 9 months of life.

Specimens have been found from Magallanes to Aysen. Within the Torres del Paine National Park it inhabits the areas of Laguna Azul, Laguna Amarga and Lago Sarmiento.

The Armadillo has the ability of digging with its four limbs in a coordinated manner, removing dirt with its front legs while widening and removing this with its hind legs. It maintains its balance using the tail and shell.

Omnivorous, feeding on fruit, roots, insects, eggs and small vertebrates amongst other things.

It lives mainly in areas with sandy and soft soil; it is also common to see it in bushes.

Large Hairy Patagonian Armadillo