Magellanic Woodpecker Facts   

  • Name:
    Carpintero Negro, Carpintero Gigante/ Magellanic Woodpecker
  • Scientific Name:
    Campephilus magellanicus
  • Family:
  • Size:
    40- 45 cm (17,4 – 19,6 in)
Magellanic Woodpecker


From O´higgins region to Magallanes


annual resident


Mature forest of Nothofagus (Beach Forest)

Food Habits:

Insectivore (they hunt for they food by making cavities in the trunk of trees; their presence in the forest can be heard by their continuous pecking)


They nest in tree cavities and lay 3 to 5 eggs


They have sexual dimorphism, the male have red head while the female has a black head with a little crest and a red spot on the chest

© Alvaro Jaime
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