Magellanic Horned Owl Facts

  • Name:
    Magellanic Horned Owl
  • Scientific Name:
    Bubo Magellanicus
  • Family:
  • Description:
    Rounded body. Its back has plumage with patches of ocher, brown and white. Neck and throat white with ocher ring. It has 2 patches of feathers behind the eyes that seem ears. No apparent sexual dimorphism.
  • Size:
    It measures between 45 and 55 cm
Magellanic Horned Owl


Puts between 2 and 4 eggs in tree or rock holes.


All Chile


All year.


Night Hunter, sharp vision and silent flight.


Carnivore eats rodents.


oOen, shrub-steppe.

© Alvaro Jaime
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