Black Chested Buzzard Eagle Facts

Name: Águila, Águila mora / Black chested buzzard eagle
Scientific Name: Geranoaetus melanoleucus
Family: Accipitridae
Order: n/a
Size: Male 64cm, female 74cm approximately (27.8 – 32.2in)
Weight: n/a

Raptor with black and gravy plumage on the chest while in the lower belly area it has white fur. The female is larger than male. Juvenile: buffish supercilium and cinnamon and whitish streaking on crown and nape. Upper parts blackfish-brown. Feathers of back, scapular and shoulders with reddish and buffish fringes. Throat and breast buff and reddish. Dark grey tail.

They lay 2-3 white eggs with brown spots in nests made up of branches and fibers that they make inaccessible in rocky areas and on top of tall trees.

All Chile.

All year.

Files in all environments, it can be seen posing in cliffs and tree tops.

Carnivore. Great hunter of birds and hares. It also feeds on other medium and small mammals.

Black Chested Buzzard Eagle in Patagonia