Austral Parakeet Facts   

  • Name:
    Cachaña, Caturra Austral /Austral Parakeet
  • Scientific Name:
    Enicognathus ferrugineus
  • Family:
  • Description:
    The common area parrot, its coat is dark green; its wings are the same colour with a blue tinge. It has some dark feathers on the crown and upper body.
  • Description:
    35 cm approximately (14 in)
Austral Parakeet


Sets of 4-7 eggs. Uses abandoned nests of woodpeckers or natural holes in trees.


From the Region de Valparaiso to the Region de Magallanes.


All year.


Herbivore; buds, fruits, seeds and sprouts.


Mainly forests of Nothofagus (Beach tree) but also in winter reaches the steppe and open areas

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