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Written by Paul Schicke Manager E-Commerce & Direct Sales at Quasar Expeditions

Air & Helicopter tours in Ecaudor

Imagine flying over Ecuador’s lush cloud forests, alongside Cotopaxi volcano, or observing Ecuador’s picturesque towns and Andean landscapes from a bird’s eye view… all in the comfort of your private helicopter.

Quasar Expeditions is known for life-changing experiences over water and land and now, we are reaching for the skies. We would like to announce our new Ecuador Helicopter Tours Over the Ecuadorian Andes & Cloud Forests. Enjoy flights from 35 to up to 90 minutes in duration, just 20 minutes away from the city of Quito.

Choose your favorite route and hop on one of three modern ARRIEL powered high-altitude helicopters that will take you on a mesmerizing trip over the clouds. Photograph and enjoy the magnificence of the Ecuadorian Andes as a part of a tailor-made, half-day or full-day experience, prepared especially for you by Quasar Expeditions.

Quasar's Personalized Services

In addition to an experience that will give you bragging rights for life, Quasar Expeditions has customized these helicopter experiences with:

  • Land inside an extinct crater for a private gourmet breakfast, available upon special request.
  • An exclusive visit to Hacienda Herreria after the flight, home to a private collection of Spanish colonial art open only to Quasar Expeditions’ guests.
  • A tour of Quito’s historic center, which includes an exclusive visit to the rooftops of one of Quito’s most iconic colonial buildings, Santo Domingo Church.
  • An insider’s visit to the genetic engineering lab of The Flower Village, a pioneering rose farm in Ecuador.
Boarding a helicopter in Ecuador for a private air tour

Ecuador Helicopter Tours Altitude

You start at about 9,000ft, and fly down to Ecuador’s cloud forest at about 6,000 ft, and depending on the route you choose, you can go as high as 16,000 ft, just below Cotopaxi Volcano’s peak.

Aerial view of Cotopaxi in Ecuador by a helicopter tour

Helicopter Tour Seasons in Ecuador

Due to seasonal weather in Ecuador, we will be offering Ecuador helicopter tours & experiences in two different regions so as to take advantage of the best and safest weather conditions.

• June – November: Ecuadorian Andes Region, Andes Helicopter Experience
Now available! The above routes apply to this region.

• December – May: Two Amazon routes and a coastal Ecuador route
Now available!

**Ask us about exclusive Galapagos helicopter flights

Helicopter flying by Cotopaxi Volcano in Ecuador

See Yourself In Ecuador?

One of the questions we get asked the most at Quasar is this -
What's the best time of year to travel to Ecuador?

See Yourself Exploring Ecuador?
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Manager E-Commerce & Direct Sales at Quasar Expeditions

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