why a safari?

10 reasons why an overland safari is the right trip for you

1. For all Types of Travellers
Whether you are an active person, a birdwatcher, a photographer or you just want to do light walks and sightseeing while in Patagonia, our Overland Safaris can be customized for travelers of all ages, all physical conditions and all interests.

2. Accessibility
Between Torres del Paine National Park in Chile and Los Glaciares National Park in Argentina, there are over 10 must-see destinations. We provide access to the full circuit of highlights in both National Parks, allowing you to experience the best that southern Patagonia has to offer.

3. Freedom
On our Overland Safaris you have the freedom to explore Patagonia at your own pace, being free to focus the trip on your interests. You never have to depend on other people for your daily adventures. You are free to do only what you love while on an Overland Safari.

4. Flexibility
No fixed schedules. You can change things up along the way, as you desire. Leave for the park early for sunrise photos or come back late after sunset photos. You have complete flexibility when it comes to the schedule of your trip because you are in charge of your adventure.

5. Privacy
Explore the Parks in your own Jeep®, in the company of just friends or family in the vehicle. You don't have to share a van with a dozen strangers; instead you get to experience Patagonia on your own. And the best part is, you do this while staying away from the crowds.

6. Adventure
Nothing says adventure better than exploring two of the world's Grandest National Parks on your own Jeep® Wrangler Unlimited. These vehicles were built for the type of terrain or remote regions like Patagonia.

7. Lodging Experiences
Patagonia is home to some of the best hotels and lodges in all of South America, many of which are worthy destinations just in themselves. Enjoy the wilds of Patagonia while staying at a former cold storage plant, now transformed into a luxury retreat. Or stay in a former Patagonian ranch home, surrounded by sheep and Alamo trees. Or stay in a hotel that is a true architectural masterpiece, with jaw-dropping views of the Torres del Paine Massif. Trust us when we say that a multi-lodging experience will add a whole new element to your Patagonia experience.

8. Safety
Explore the wilds of Patagonia in complete safety, aboard a Jeep® Wrangler Unlimited that was built for the type of terrain you will encounter, and enjoy the full support of our expert staff in Patagonia, either on our Guided or on our Self-Drive Safaris.

9. Experience & Support
Quasar Expeditions was born in 1986, and we have 3 decades of experience in Adventure travel. Enjoy the Quasar Expeditions difference by being witness to the expertise and artful planning that takes place at each and every one of our trips.

10. Comfort
Whether it is the onboard comfort of our Jeep® vehicles, or the unparalleled comfort offered at the hotels and lodges where we stay, you are sure to experience Patagonia in complete comfort and refinement. How about a beautiful trek among towering granite towers, followed by a massage and a spa treatment? Enjoy this, and many other key differences on Quasar Expeditions' Overland Safaris.


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