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patagonia is a great family destination

Quasar Expeditions' Family Overland Safaris are designed for you to enjoy your Patagonia adventure in the company of your loved ones. These Safaris are filled with days of activities for yourself, your children or your grandchildren so that you can relax together and take in all the wonders that will surround you. Children are especially enriched by the natural wonders of Patagonia, where science suddenly becomes fun, accessible and unforgettable.

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patagonia photo safaris
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Patagonia is one of the best destinations to photograph landscapes. For this reason, big and expensive lenses are not required to get amazing shots in Patagonia and Photo Safaris become accessible to all!

Our Photo Safari's are essentially our regular departures, but led by naturalist guides who are professional photographers. During these safaris guests will have a chance to try their photography skills with the guidance of a true professional. They feature nightly briefings where guests go over techniques and tips to get amazing photographs and we take the time to review a couple of photographs from every guest at some point during the cruise.

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TAILORED TO avid fishermen

In Southern Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego, there are great rivers for catch and release fly-fishing where you can find salmon, rainbow trout, brown trout and sea-run trout amongst other fish. Inquire with us about these safaris focused on fly-fishing to learn more.

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Wellness is not a place you travel to. It is a fountain of youth found within oneself. It is a state of mind, a presence of body, an expression of the soul. The unparalleled contact with nature found only in Patagonia, along with the immersive and educational exposure to local authentic cultures in Chile and Argentina, have paved the way for our new and very original wellness experiences. These experiences involve yoga, meditation, spa sessions, healing therapies and exciting physical activities for all preferences. Compliment that with an extremely personalized service at all the places where you stay, in addition to healthy and delicious gastronomic options, and you have a holistic, stress-reducing and educational wellness experience like no other on earth.!

So go ahead and allow us to be your guide to that fountain of youth within you.


Food. Can’t live without it. However, when one travels, food becomes much more than a necessity. At Quasar Expeditions food is an experience, catered for you because regardless of where one is from or how much one has traveled, there are is always more to try and more for the palate to experience.

Allow us to guide you to local markets where you and your expert chef or guide will buy ingredients with you then take you to a local kitchen where a very authentic meal will be prepared for you, or why not get a little more adventurous and learn and help prepare it yourself? For those that prefer a little less work during a vacation, don’t you fret, we’re very good at pampering the senses and giving you exclusive access during our customized culinary experiences in Chile and Argentina.

Patagonia Bird Watching
bird watching

Chile and Argentina are home to wide variety of bird species. Bird watchers have always been facinated by the predatory and carrion species of the countries. In both countries, you are able to spot the famous Andean Condor, the Caracara, Vultures, Hawks, Eagles and Falcons (complete with four and five star accommodations in addition to our personalized services) and you have what may very well be the perfect spot for a truly magnificent bird watching experience.


Quasar Expeditions is far more than just a leader in Jeep Patagonia Overland Safaris and Galapagos cruises. We invite you to explore all our region tours for the ultimate South American adventure! These include kayaking, horseback riding, snorkeling, trekking, rafting, scuba diving and many more for those with a more active soul.


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