At Quasar Expeditions, we specialize in creating Memories For A Lifetime, and what better way to make sure those memories stay alive forever than by capturing such special moments through photography-focused experiences?

Regardless of your level of photographic expertise, we have various options for all interests and knowledge levels. Our Galapagos Cruise Photo Safaris cater to all levels of experience and include a professional wildlife photographer as well as specialized Galapagos guides. Additionally, we offer private Jeep Overland Safaris in Patagonia led by local guides who are Patagonia photography experts who can lead Puma Tracking Safaris, Jeep Overland Safaris and/or Winter Overland Safaris with a photographic focus for beginners or experts. Also for mid to expert range photographers, we can also set up special, in depth photo workshops in the Ecuadorean Andes prior to your travels to any of our destinations including Galapagos, Ecuador, Peru and Patagonia.

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Wellness is not a place you travel to. It is a fountain of youth found within oneself. It is a state of mind, a presence of body, an expression of the soul. The unparalleled contact with nature found only in the Galapagos Islands, along with the immersive and educational exposure to local authentic cultures in Ecuador and Peru, have paved the way for our new and very original wellness experiences. These experiences involve yoga and meditation sessions, healing therapies and exciting physical activities for all preferences. Compliment that with an extremely personalized service at all the places where you stay, in addition to healthy and delicious gastronomic options, and you have a holistic, stress-reducing and educational wellness experience like no other on earth.

So go ahead and allow us to be your guide to that fountain of youth within you.

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Though the body needs a consistent balance of healthy rest and activity, at Quasar Expeditions we know that the soul is really where one’s true essence, substance and needs reside. Whether it’s to satiate one’s natural curiosity, fulfill the eternal need for education and learning, to open one’s faith and soul to the unknown in search of inner peace, to escape and completely disconnect from the norm, or to purposefully (or accidentally) step outside one’s “zone of comfort” and experience a life-changing moment, we at Quasar Expeditions know exactly how to help your inner self reach such goals. This and more can be accomplished through customized, safe and authentic spiritual experiences in any of our immersive, life-enriching spiritual-focus programs in Ecuador and Peru.

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Ecuador is home to over 1,600 species of birds, placing it at #4 in the top 5 most avian-diverse countries in the world. Its southern neighbor of Peru is ranked #2 in the world, with just over 1700 species. Now, take this stunning number of bird species and place them in countries that offer easily accessible, yet diverse and secluded natural wonders (complete with four and five star accommodations in addition to our personalized services) and you have what may very well be the perfect spot for a truly magnificent bird watching experience.

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What is an adventure to you? Is it a culturally immersive experience such as helping shear an alpaca to then sell the wool and watch a local, indigenous artisan’s hands magically weave beauty right in front of your eyes? Maybe you prefer a hike or horseback ride through Ecuador or Peru’s highlands while unwinding in the evenings at a 400-year-old hacienda turned gorgeous Andean lodge? Or maybe you prefer to hike up to the top of a snow-capped active volcano or trek across a glacier or ride horses with locals in the Andean highlands or paddle a canoe on a river in the Amazon Rainforest? OR, why not.. all of the above?

At Quasar Expeditions, we let you tell us how you define adventure, and we will make it happen… with a possible few suggestions of our local experts of course!

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Food. Can’t live without it. However, when one travels, food becomes much more than a necessity. At Quasar Expeditions food is an experience, catered for you because regardless of where one is from or how much one has traveled, there are is always more to try and more for the palate to experience.

Allow us to guide you to local markets where you and your expert chef or guide will buy ingredients with you then take you to a local family’s home where a very authentic meal will be prepared for you, or why not get a little more adventurous and learn and help prepare it yourself? For those that prefer a little less work during a vacation, don’t you fret, we’re very good at pampering the senses and giving you exclusive access during our customized culinary experiences in Ecuador and Peru.

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