Kid friendly Galapagos Cruise

Quasar Expeditions' Family Cruises are designed for you to enjoy your Galapagos adventure in the company of your loved ones. These Galapagos cruises are filled with days of activities for yourself, your children or your grandchildren so that you can relax together and take in all the wonders that will surround you. Children are especially enriched by the natural living legacy of the archipelago, where science suddenly becomes fun, accessible and unforgettable.

NOTE: Please be sure to inquire with us about our specific Family departure dates.

child-friendly naturalists
Child Friendly Natuaralists

For all of our family cruises, Quasar Expeditions specifically chooses the most knowledgeable and child-friendly guides. These guides are very good when dealing with children and they have that special understanding and patience for them. Many of them themselves parents, our guides are attentive to the needs of children and are sure to make your children or grandchildren enjoy these islands to the fullest.

children’s menu

All of our chefs onboard are experts in preparing children's menus. During our family cruises, our chefs will prepare an array of menus for children to enjoy, which include foods like chicken and fish fingers, pizza, french fires, hot dogs, ham & cheese sandwiches, etc. Even for very picky-eaters, our chefs are sure to prepare something for them.

snorkeling & kayaking

Snorkeling is one of the favorite activities for parents, grandparents and children alike. A Family Cruise has at least one snorkeling time allotted for each day and our snorkeling destinations are chosen according to your family's skill level. Our locations vary from sites for beginners (or those who have never snorkeled before), to locations for more advanced snorklers. This activity is a must for the entire family!

Our double sit-on-top sea kayaks are available free of charge. These are great to go and explore the cliffs and shores of the various visiting points. You can wander the waters of the Islands with your family in search for some exciting creatures and also get some exercise with this unique activity.

star-gazing nights
Galapagos Star-gazing nights

Our family departures are all led by our best child-oriented guides who are also very knowledgeable about astronomy. On particular nights during the cruise, our guides will take children and adults out to the sundeck where they will explain about the stars and constellations of the southern hemisphere. The crystal clear skies of Galapagos are ideal for this activity.

explorer’s club
Kid's Explorer's Club

All children under 12 years of age will receive a kids version of the regular expedition journal that all guests receive. These expedition journals are specifically tailored to the learning of children and contain several activities like coloring, question-answering, and mind games. All explanations are specifically geared to capture the interest of children and to facilitate their understanding about what they will see throughout their cruise.

movie & board games nights
Kid's Entertainment

Certain nights during the cruise are designated as movie nights and board game nights for children. All of our yachts carry a wide selection of movies and family board games.

Galapagos Photo Safaris

The Galapagos Islands is one of the best destinations to photograph animals up-close. Because Galapagos wildlife here has never learned to fear humans, getting very close to animals is guaranteed. For this reason, big and expensive lenses are not required to get amazing shots in the Galapagos and Photo Safaris become accessible to all!

Photo Safari Galapagos Cruises

Our Photo Safari Galapagos Cruises are essentially our naturalist cruises, but led by naturalist guides who are professional photographers. During these cruises guests will have a chance to try their photography skills with the guidance of a true professional. They feature nightly briefings where guests go over techniques and tips to get amazing photographs and we take the time to review a couple of photographs from every guest at some point during the cruise.

Photo Safari Galapagos Cruises
Photo Safari Galapagos Cruises
Photo Safari Galapagos Cruises
Photo Safari Galapagos Cruises
Photo Safari Galapagos Cruises
Photo Safari Galapagos Cruises
Photo Safari Galapagos Cruises
Photo Safari Galapagos Cruises
Photo Safari Galapagos Cruises
Photo Safari Galapagos Cruises
Photo Safari Galapagos Cruises
Photo Safari Galapagos Cruises
Photo Safari Galapagos Cruises
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