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Charles Darwin
a living laboratory

It is only in such a remarkable archipelago, that we are able to become first hand witnesses to what captivated Charles Darwin to form a new understanding of the origins of life.

Dragons that dive to over 30 feet beneath the waves in search for food, flightless birds that swim and fish underwater like bullet torpedo's and prehistoric giant tortoises with elephant-like feet that once roamed the earth with dinosaurs, are just a small fraction of the nearly 9,000 species, most found nowhere else in the world, that make the Galapagos Islands a haven for life.

There is no doubt, the archipelago is a living laboratory for scientists and naturalists and should be preserved for future generations.

Today, one species holds the key to protecting and preserving our world. We are that species.

- Eduardo Diez Gangotena Co-Founder of Free World United

Charles Darwin
the world’s most treasured islands

Life here is unlike anything I have ever seen. We cannot, but be amazed, by the hundreds of endemic species that inhabit the islands and be utterly marveled by their fearlessness towards human beings. These islands trully are 'the last remaining wildlife sanctuary' as Jacques Cousteau described them.

There is a mysterious, but facinating serenity that can be sensed while navigating these waters; observing the countless species that have, for thousands of years, evolved and adapted making these treacherous lands, with extremely limited resources, their home.

In only a weeks time frame, we realize that we are part of the priviledged few to experience this natural wonderland of our world and that we must do everything within our power to help preserve and protect this pristine corner of our planet.

Join our efforts on a simple mission.

threats to this natural paradise

The remoteness of the Galapagos make them a travelers paradise, yet, they are faced by troubling issues that threaten their wildlife and ecosystem.

Despite being granted status as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Galapagos face an onslaught of man made threats which include illegal fishing (in what is the second largest marine reserve in the world), unsustainable immigration to the islands from a variety of foreign species, an increase in population, exploding tourism and global warming. Many of these issues need attention and, speaking with experts on the matters, some of them have even worsen.

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  • Over
  • Illegal
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  • Global
a brand born to

Free World United (FWU), an apparel company born in the Galapagos Islands, is committed to social responsibility and focused on the sustainability of the Earth’s most unlikely place.

FWU offers Cause Shops, an apparel-based fundraising campaign tool for non-profits. In late 2014, FWU partnered with Galapagos Conservancy to help protect, preserve and restore the Galapagos Islands. Although FWU’s goal is to help non-profits, they have already partnered with several companies in the adventure travel industry to help raise funds for Galapagos. In light of this, FWU created Cause Shops for businesses. This model was tested with Quasar Expeditions and has had great success.

I would like to invite you all to become ambassadors for Galapagos by signing up for a NO-COST Cause Shop and join others such as AdventureSmith Explorations, Galapagos Diving, Galapagos Scouts, amongst others.

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Cause Shop™ by clicking here.

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Cause Shop™ by clicking here.

Free World United has exceeded our expectations as a partner in promoting our work. Their product is terrific, their website is engaging and easy to use, and their customer service is top notch. Our first campaign quickly raised $3,300 with very little effort on our part. We look forward to a long and productive partnership with Free World United.

- Richard Knab Galapagos Conservancy

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join the many who are already a part of our quest


Join other travel agencies / tour companies / or other businesses that have already signed up for tailored Cause Shops that give back to Galapagos conservation.

Today's customers expect companies to take a stand and help solve our world's problems.


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    • Free World United’s Cause Shops™ will let you give back to Galapagos conservation, raise awareness with your customer base and create a responsible community around your company.

      It's a great way to jump start or boost your philanthropic efforts.

      Cause Shops™ are responsible online shops with apparel tailored to your business where every item purchased donates $10 to a cause you wish to support.

      In addition, you earn 10% of every sale to cover any expenses you might incurr.



Do what you love, what makes you happy and give back, through Free World United. All you have to do is find a design that speaks to you and soon, your purchase will make a real difference. This is what Free World United is about. Freedom of expression, a better world and unity.

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    • People care. That’s a fact. We care about others. We care about the environment. We care about animals. Caring is not the issue. The issue is doing something about it. So, why aren’t we doing everything in our power to change the world for the better?

      The answer to this question lies in how we choose to live our day-to-day lives and the time we dedicate to family, friends and our jobs. Most of us simply don't have the time and resources to focus on protecting and conserving our world despite our desire to do so. This has created a gap.

      FWU’s business model, products and our lifestyle were embraced to fill this gap.

      One step together in the right direction is worth a thousand leaps alone.

      A better world starts here.



FWU’s Cause Shops are an apparel based campaigning tool to complement your current fundraising strategy as a non-profit. It comes with a vertically integrated service that delivers everything from product design to product delivery and customer service. You can use it to boost your events or fundraisers or as your exclusive online shop.


benefits of
galapagos ambassadors

we thank those who have already joined us
  • 1.
    you will be helping to save the galapagos

    Help save the Galapagos Islands; its wildlife and ecosystem for future generations.

  • 2.
    you will have a responsible online store with tailored apparel

    Promote your company’s apparel and brand to your customer base. Have your customers wear your brand.

  • 3.
    you will have access to amazing imagery

    The pictures found on this page are part of a Free World United initiative to save the archipelago. Galapagos Ambassadors will have access to these images to promote their Cause Shops™ (while promoting the beauty of the Galapagos as a destination for their travelers).

  • 4.
    you can boost your philantropic efforts

    Raise awareness with your customer base and create a responsible community around your company.

  • 5.
    you can keep up to date with galapagos conservation

    Get to know the latest in Galapagos conservation efforts.

  • 6.
    you can win a galapagos cruise

    Every now and again, Free World United launches a contest where you can get a chance to win a Galapagos cruise for 2 onboard one of Quasar Expeditions ships.

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