Quito’s New Mariscal Sucre International Airport

Quito, Capital City of Ecuador

Quito Airport

Quito’s new airport entrance

The new airport has 600 acres of land, located in Tababela parish, approximate 18 km (11 mi) east of Quito. It has a tower of 41 meters (134 ft) high with six landing strips, 45 aircraft parking positions, eight lounges, four automated baggage bands and 900 square meters (9,687 ft2) of Duty Free shops and restaurants.


Departures from the new Quito airport now carry an increase in departure tax. This tax is included in the purchase of your tickets, however, some purchases are retroactive.

Domestic Flights from Quito (include flights from Quito to Galapagos)

Old Airport Tax: New Airport Tax: Difference:
$14.20 USD $22.37 USD $8.17 USD

International Departures from Quito

Old Airport Tax: New Airport Tax: Difference:
$40.80 USD $56.66 USD $15.86 USD

For all tickets purchased on or before February 3rd, 2013, passengers must pay the difference – this applies for International Departures Only. Galapagos departure charges for new tax are NOT retroactive with Quasar Expeditions.

  • Passengers must pay difference at the airport during check-in
  • Passengers may pay with cash or credit card



The estimated driving time between Tababela airport and the Aeroservicios terminal is, in good traffic conditions, around one hour and in heavy traffic conditions, approximately one and a half hours. We recommend that passengers should arrive for check-in 3 hours prior to departure for international flights and 1.5 hours prior to departure for domestic flights.


Quasar Expeditions will continue to provide current private transfer service hotel – airport – hotel with English speaking guide and private transportation. We highly recommend that you reserve said transfers through Quasar Expeditions. In this way we can guarantee that passengers will be on time for their departures. We offer private, guided transfers as well as shared transfers.

NET rates per person, Private / Guided:
1 passenger: 112.00
2 passengers: 62.00
3 passengers: 50.00
5-6 passengers: 45.00
7-9 passengers: 43.00
10-15 passengers: 40.00
16-25 passengers: 29.00
+ 25 passengers: 25.00

NET rates per person, Shared:


  • NAME: Aeropuerto Internacional Mariscal Antonio José de Sucre
  • LOCATION: Tababela parish, East of Quito, 2400 m (7,874 ft) above sea level


  • EXTENSION: 1600 square meters (3.954 acres)
  • CATEGORY: B (as Ezeiza in Buenos Aires, Guarrullos in Sao Paulo. or JFK in New York)
  • TERMINAL: National and International with 38.000 m2 (409,028 ft2)
  • PASSENGER CAPACITY: 5 million a year


  • 900 m2 (9,687 ft2) of construction for public use.
  • 20 commercial businesses, stores, restaurants, libraries, souvenirs in waiting lounges.
Quito's New Airport


Here are the some comparisons between the original and new airport:

  • Unlike the original airport which is located in the middle of the city, the new airport is outside of the city and eliminating airplane-related noise pollution in Quito as well as adding to airport safety standards.
  • The new airport is located in a valley at an altitude 400m, or 1300ft, lower than the original airport.
  • The original airport sat on 126 square meters (311 acres) of land with no possibility to expand (as the city surrounded the airport). The new airport sits on 1600 square meters (3954 acres) with between 70 to 100 square meters (172 to 247 acres) of land available for possible future expansion.
  • The original airport has about 40 square meters (98 acres) of construction, while the new airport currently has 70 square meters (172 acres) of construction.
  • The passenger terminal(s) of the original airport included an area of 28,700 m2, (308,924 ft2) while the new airport terminal(s) occupy 38,000 m2 (409,028 ft2).
  • The original airport runway is 3120 m in length (10,236 ft2), while the new airport’s biggest runway boasts a main runway of 4100 m (13,451 ft2) making it one of the longest in Latin America.
  • The control tower of the original airport was 22 m (72 ft) high, while the new airport has a control tower of 41 m (134 ft).
  • The original airport capacity to service 3,660,000 passengers, while the new airport some 5,000,000 in its first phase.
  • The original airport has 35 airline counters, while the new airport has 60 airline counters.


Though the city of Quito boasts a variety of comfortable accommodations, for those that prefer a short trip from the airport to their hotel we recommend Rincon de Puembo.

Rincon de Puembo: Recently renovated, and located only 15 minutes from the airport, Rincon de Puembo has a warm, casual ambience with authentic, colonial-style architecture. This boutique hotel has only 17 rooms, as well as beautiful social areas such as gardens with local flora, a swimming pool, sauna, and an ample restaurant serving delicious Ecuadorian and international gastronomy. Quasar Expeditions will be happy to arrange transfers either to the airport as well as to Quito.

NET RATES PER ROOM AND PER NIGHT (included taxes and breakfast)
• Single: USD 110.00
• Double: USD 125.00
• Triple: USD 166.00
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