Farming in the Galapagos Islands

  In the past, agriculture in the Galapagos wasn’t seen well by the conservation sector due to the fact that it could bring invasive species. Farmers were blamed for the plagues of raspberries and guava that have escaped agricultural areas and choked native plants. Still then, agricultural lands became abandoned and became a genetic repository […]

Top 10 Reasons To Take Kids & Family To The Galapagos Islands

Welcome to the Galapagos Islands, a destination that kids seem hard-wired to love! The Galapagos Islands, certainly appear to be out of this world. They are a land of unpredictable wilderness, filled with extraordinary unique species that surely attract not only adventure travelers but also their children. The Islands are ideal for the perfect family […]

Galapagos Climate – March Weather in the Galapagos Islands

The Galapagos Islands have a varying climate marked by a scarcity of rain, but in March it marks the highest month for precipitation. The coastal areas are quite arid, covered with plants that have adapted to desert-like conditions, but lush vegetation grows in the highlands of the larger islands.   The Coastal areas are covered […]