A New Species of Shark Found Near Galapagos Islands

A new shark species has been identified by scientists near the Galapagos Islands, Ecuador. This shark, similar in some ways to a catshark, is a spotted, bottom-dwelling shark that lives in deep waters. It has a wide mouth, which makes it an effective predator to grab passing invertebrates and fish. The shark was seen from a submersible as […]

This Week’s Recipe: Spiny Lobster Ceviche

Hello Galapagos lovers! As head chef for Quasar Expeditions’ Galapagos cruises, this will be my first post for the recipes of the most popular dishes aboard our cruises. Each week I will add a blog post with a new popular recipe, so be sure to check up on us often! We will also be sharing […]

A Galapagos Tortoise Species Not Extinct After all

A type of giant Galapagos tortoise that was thought to be extinct has been “found” in the genome of a similar species. This species, known as Chelonoidis elephantopus, lives in the genome of its close relative which currently lives in the Galapagos Islands. Chelonoidis elephantopus has never again been seen by visitors or scientists in […]

Fun in the Sand

Kids having fun in the sand at Gardner Bay, Galapagos Islands white sandy beach.   Our Galapagos cruise truly was the ideal family vacation. We got to spend just the right amount of time with our kids and the great part was that on our voyage all the kids got along and made friendships. This […]

My Galapagos Cruise on Grace with Quasar Expeditions

Almost 4 months have gone by since we traveled to the Galapagos aboard the Grace and every night, before I fall asleep, I think of all the wonderful memories of our adventure. I also think of all the wonderful people we met on our trip, including fellow adventurers, crew, naturalists and staff. We could not […]

Not Prey, Not Predator: Invisible Tourists

On our first day of our Galapagos cruise, we disembarked from the Evolution onto a small dock and onto Española (Hood) Island, so excited about seeing all the creatures we’d traveled so far to see. Even though we’d been told that the animals were very blasé about people, we still couldn’t believe our eyes. Within […]